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[cdt-l] Fwd: NM Journal revisited



I don't believe you and CDT-L received the following response to your 

> From: Campy <campydog@verizon.net>
> Date: Fri Dec 12, 2003  08:52:19 PM US/Pacific
> To: Brett <blisterfree@isp01.net>, <cdt-l@backcountry.net>
> Cc: Campydog <campydog@verizon.net>
> Subject: NM Journal revisited
> "Does anyone know the HTML that would make
> this sort of relative link work for both PC and Mac?"
> <a href=page1.html>Top of Page</a>
> where page1.html is the relative url of the same page.

The above should work with all Level 4 browsers.