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[cdt-l] Tony Hillerman Fans

I just finished his latest mystery, "The Sinister Pig".  A large part of it 
takes place down in the bootheel of New Mexico, with frequent references to 
the Big and Little Hatchets, etc.  Those who have hiked through there would 
probably enjoy pinpointing the exact locations.  Even without that, the 
description of the desert was very familiar to those who have been in 
southern NM.  A question though - did any of you have noteworthy experiences 
with either border agents or illegal border crossers in that area?  It seems 
to me that the Deming route would be a bit safer in that respect, simply 
because it is more populated -- you don't have the 60 miles of nothing but 
desert that you have in the bootheel.  I seem to remember a blimp above the 
border at Columbus - I wonder how long they were watching us approach?

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