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[cdt-l] NM journal revisited

LOL...  If I'm not mistaken we slept under that lonesome tree!  

At that point we had enough of canyons, bypassing the CDTS recommended route 
and headed cross country over the grasslands.  Picked up a dirt road the 
following morning, that led us towards Negrito and the phone booth in the middle of 
no where.

Now if I didn't lose my camera I could match up the photos!


In a message dated 12/12/2003 11:11:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
blisterfree@isp01.net writes:

> Sly, you must be referring to the hat that kept my head warm as I navigated
> by compass toward amazing photo ops. Nope, haven't seen 'em. ;)
> The lone tree is or was in the T-Bar Grasslands, a few hours' walk north of
> Snow Lake. I followed Jonathan Ley's alternate through here, which bypasses
> the Negrito Fire Base. Turkey Spring, several miles north, was flowing well,
> so no love lost.
> You must be one of those types, like me, who tries to guess the location of
> the photo on the cover of your ATN magazines. More often than not, we're
> right, too.

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