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[cdt-l] NM journal revisited

Sly, you must be referring to the hat that kept my head warm as I navigated
by compass toward amazing photo ops. Nope, haven't seen 'em. ;)

The lone tree is or was in the T-Bar Grasslands, a few hours' walk north of
Snow Lake. I followed Jonathan Ley's alternate through here, which bypasses
the Negrito Fire Base. Turkey Spring, several miles north, was flowing well,
so no love lost.

You must be one of those types, like me, who tries to guess the location of
the photo on the cover of your ATN magazines. More often than not, we're
right, too.

- blisterfree

> Hey blisterfree you know that solo tree in your top photo?  Where was
> somewhere before Niegro Fire Station?   I lost my camera around there.
> didn't happen to see it, or a compass and fleece hat I lost well before
there did
> you?  lol
> Awesome job on the multimedia journal.  Makes me want to go back!
> Sly


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