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[cdt-l] NM journal revisited

Hello blisterfree -

You pointed us toward your web site at:

> http://members.isp01.net/blisterfree/cdt/nmjournal.html

Thank's for all the work - I really enjoyed reading your journal 
entries!   I liked your multi-media approach and found everything easy 
to use.

On a practical note, I found it particularly convenient to be able to 
read the journal entry text while waiting for the pix to download (my 
internet connection can be fairly slow at times).  I was never able to 
get any of the "top of page" links to work (I drive a Mac, if that 
makes a difference).

I got so caught up in your trek that I read the last entry twice before 
I realized that it keeps repeating over and over as we hit the "next" 
button <VBG>.

Nice job!

- Charlie