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[cdt-l] NM journal revisited

For those planning to hike the CDT in New Mexico this spring, and for those
who wish they were:


It isn't finished yet, but it's further along than it was.

What's new:

one week's worth of media-rich journal entries :)
a functional menu (minus the maps feature)
interactive photos
GPS coordinates included in the journal entries (still need to add a few)
an optional "slow connection" version of the show

If the show doesn't run or look right, I'd appreciate hearing about it.
Especially if there are any problems with the font faces (typeset), like,
letters too big or parts of words gone missing.

This is my antidote to trailjournals.com. Grab a bag of gorp, sit back and
enjoy the show. And stay tuned for the next installment, hopefully coming

- blisterfree