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[cdt-l] C.D.T. anyone?

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roni_h3000@yahoo.com writes:

> Hi everyone.
> As some of you know, my name is Roni,


One more thing.  It was my plan to hike north through NM and then flip and 
hike south from Canada.  I thought it was a great plan and would have work 
except they closed the forest in northern NM and Colorado was passable in early 
June.  I was ready to flip at any given time but never had to except to make up 
the section in NM I missed.

That said, even if you don't find a northbound partner, you may want to 
consider flipping once you reach CO and then hike south where you may find a 

On the CDT you must remain flexible.  There's all sorts of situations that 
may alter your plans when you least expect it.  Get familar with the 
greyhound.com website you may need it.

Lastly, for tonight, if you haven't, check out Jonathan's page at <A HREF="www.phulmf.com">
www.phlumf.com</A>  he has an awesome journal and as far as I know still offers printable 
maps for the entire trail.  And if you haven't yet, get all the necessary 
guidebooks from the CDTS at <A HREF="www.cdts.com">www.cdtsociety.org</A>   Your hike will go much smoother if 
you do.

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