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[cdt-l] Bear Canisters

>> In any case, the only areas that should be of any concern at all are
Glacier and the Bob.  Yellowstone has bears, but they also have bear
cables at the campsites - use them.

Bear cables or poles are not present at all of the Yellowstone
backcountry sites on the CDT as of Aug 03, although the backcountry
management plan does call for the installation and maintenance of poles
and cables at every site. Specifically, some campsites in the southern
end of the park in the Two Ocean Pass area do not have them, if you
elect to go through that area. There are a handful of sites along the
upper Snake River as well that do not have cables or poles.

In addition to GNP and the Bob, you'll need to deal with bears in the
Southern Winds, especially in the Big Sandy area, and, if you take the
route from South Pass to Lizard Head Meadows, especially in the Lizard
Head/Cirque of the Towers Area, and all along the Popo Agie drainage. Of
the CDT in Montana and Wyoming, the Southern Winds has more bear
management problems (these are black bears, not grizzlies) resulting
from improper food storage than either Yellowstone or GNP. This is a
Wilderness Area, so you do not have the luxury of poles, cables, or
lockers. In the Northern Winds, bears are not too much of a problem,
except in the Green River Lakes drainage south of Vista Pass, and from
Green River Lakes north to Togwotee Pass. This latter area, in
particular, is quite problematic because it's open to 4WD enthusiasts,
hunters, and car campers who generally don't have an appreciation for
food storage. In this area, as well, you have grizzlies.

In short, don't rely on being able to complete the CDT through any of
these areas without having the ability to properly hang your feed in
real trees without the aid of a cable or pole.

If you are an early season SoBo starting from Waterton then Jim is right
- the bear poles will be knee high. GNP policy dictates that you carry a
bear canister in these areas, and they are required at a few campsites
near the treeline in subalpine areas, regardless of snow cover.