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[cdt-l] Bear Canisters

John B. wrote:
>Would "'standard' PCT" bear canisters work on the CDT, specifically
>grizzlies? Or would a bear canister be like a can of Pringles to a griz?

John -
At those times when bear canisters are required in Glacier NP, they'll rent 
you "standard" bear canisters.

OTOH - the only time they require bear canisters is specifically for 
"closed" campsites where the bear cables aren't high enough above the 
snowpack to be effective (I believe 10 or 12' clearance is the criteria).  A 
campsite is considered "closed" in Glacier when the outhouse is still under 
snow or the bear cable isn't high enough above the snowpack to be effective. 
   Normally, many campsites will be "closed" until July 1 or later.  It's 
hard for a bear cable to be effective when it's at knee height cause you're 
standing on 10' of snowpack <g>

Other than Glacier (and under the above specific snow conditions), I see no 
reason to be carrying a bear canister.  Hang your food - this isn't the 
Sierras we're talking about.  If you hike with two or three people (or more) 
you'll likely never see a bear.

In any case, the only areas that should be of any concern at all are Glacier 
and the Bob.  Yellowstone has bears, but they also have bear cables at the 
campsites - use them.
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