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[cdt-l] Cathedral in the Desert: A Thanksgiving Trip Report

First, Brian, thanks for the compliments! It was a
great trip.

Second, below is pretty much what we all used:

(THanks for the listing!)

>>1.	Rudi Lambrechtse, 1985, Hiking the Escalante
>>2.	Steve Allen,1997 Canyoneering 3:  Loop Hikes >>in
Utah's Escalante
>>3.	Ron Adkison, 1998, Hiking Grand
Staircase->>Escalante & the Glen
>>Canyon Region

For maps, I suggest first the National Geographic
"Canyons of the Escalante" Trail Illustrated Map
You can order it from www.nationalgeographic.com

If you are going into the canyons, you may want some
more detail. For that I suggest the 7.5 minute quads. 
Though, coupled with a good guidebook, the TI map was
more than adequate. You just don't get the detail for
the bends in the canyon on the TI map like you do with
a 7.5 minute quad... But, again, it is not absolutely
neccessary. Very hard to get lost in a canyon. :-)

Some of my friends also brought a GPS. For the wide
open spaces above the canyon, the GPS really shines.
Being a grump old school guy, (at the venerable age of
not-quite-30. ;-D), went the map and compass route.

The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched