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[cdt-l] Yellowstone Question

Call Yellowstone NP from the closest town before you enter the park. Tell
them you are a thruhiker without a car and need to get a permit for camping
along the CDT. They want you to watch their "bear movie" but if you explain
that you have no car and cannot get into their office to see the movie they
will give you the permit over the phone. You pick up the physical permit
when you pass thru Old Faithful. The person I talked to was very helpful and
accommodating. She helped me select from the available campsites and knew
the mileages between campsites. We didn't end up with a 20 something mile
day like other have had in national parks.

The backcountry office does not have access to the Yellowstone lodging
reservations. But they can give you the phone number. I could not get
reasonably priced lodge rooms on short notice, so we ended up with a 10 mile
day and camped 5 miles short of Old Faithful. That made for an interesting
day. Our friends marveled that we day hiked 10 miles for an ice-cream cone.
It seemed logical to us to do it.

We really enjoyed the backcountry of Yellowstone Nat'l Park.  The only
disappointment was that we expected to see more wildlife. Seems to us that
the wildlife must enjoy the company of the tourists and stay along the

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> When hiking norh or southbound thru Yellowstone NP, how do you register
> campsites?  Do you have to leave the trail or is there a way to register
> ahead of time?
> -RedDoug
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