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[cdt-l] Yellowstone Question

In a message dated 12/3/2003 12:56:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
doug-sue@t-one.net writes:

> When hiking norh or southbound thru Yellowstone NP, how do you register for
> campsites?  Do you have to leave the trail or is there a way to register
> ahead of time?

We called ahead an applied for the permit from Dubois over the phone.  It's 
best to have a map with all the campsites ahead of time so you can figure what 
works best for you, then edited it while speaking to the ranger in case one of 
the campsites is full.   

Our miles were less then normal up to that point so we could take advantage 
of viewing the geological features the park has to offer, but it's pretty easy 
hiking regardless.
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