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[cdt-l] Fires

There have been additional closures over the past week in the Helena, Lewis 
and Clark, and Flathead National Forests, including the Scapegoat and Bob 
Marshall. Starting from the south:

Helena NF land west of the Divide is closed from 3 miles south of Stemple 
Pass north to Hwy 200 (Rogers Pass).  As the CDT is generally on the 
closure boundary, I don't know if it is technically closed.

All Helena NF land north of Hwy 200 is closed, this includes the CDT and 
Scapegoat Wilderness.  Trails (229, 266 and 219) in the Lewis and Clark 
National Forest on the east side of the divide just outside of the 
Scapegoat are also closed. See:



The CDT in the Dearborn drainage is not listed as closed. Closures resume 
in the area south and west of Benchmark, including the designated CDT route 
(trail 202), but Jim Wolf's recommended along Straight Creek (212) is 
open.   North of Benchmark the CDT is open, with the exception of Jim's 
recommended route from Spotted Bear Pass to Kevan Mtn.

The best map showing the fires and closed areas that I have found is:



At 12:58 PM 8/28/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>The CDT is now open from Chief Joseph Pass to Big Hole Pass -- but the 
>Winslow Fire continues to cause closure between Table Mountain and Aldous 
>Lake (though it can be bypassed on the Idaho side).
>Jim Wolf
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