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[cdt-l] A trip report...

Hey all,

I have a habit of postiong trip reports on AT-L (my
"home list" as I know many of the people on it), but
figure since many of these trips take place on or near
the CDT, thought people on this list might appreciate
the reports/pics... Let me know if people feel
otherwise. :-)
It is Monday evening...which means a quick report of
what I have been up to this past weekend. :-)

The destination this weekend was a trip to the St.
Vrains Glaciers in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. 

The Indian Peaks are a bit like the Whites in New
Hampshire. Beautiful peaks, lots of above tree line
hiking, and infamous for crowds! I am happy to report
that the amount of backpackers, at least where the
group of four of us were, was minimal.

We hiked an easy four miles on an old jeep road bed.
Very gradual climb through the woods. After the
junction, and at the wilderness boundary, the trail
really opens up with views of the contiental divide.

Had a pleasant climb through this open area, even
though the day was overcast. Made it to the glaciers,
which were more or less on a sheer wall that marked
the divide. Also found a nice, flat, grassy spot
tucked away over looking Gibraltar Lake.

The weather quickly turned nasty. A slight drizzle
that turned into heavy rain. Quickly set up my tarp
and I am happy to reported that I stayed dry. Took a
nap, woke up, and cooked dinner at twilight as it was
still downpouring.  The rain finally stoppped a bit.
Worked out well for one of my friends packed in pound
cake, strawberries and cool whip that he insisted we
help him eat. I made the sacrifice and took part in
the dessert eating...

The following day it was sunny and all aroun glorious
looking. The divide glowed red with the rising sun. 
Took a picture, sat by the lake, and dozed off in the
warm sun. Needless to say, we all had a lazy morning
and did not get out of camp until 10 AM! But, in such
a beautiful setting, no one felt like moving...

Made it down the trail en the rain started coming down
in sheets again. No matter...only had two miles to go.
Made it to the parking lot and we drove to a bar and
grill conveniently located not too far from the trail
head (and near nothing else! I love the place...)

A great weekend...

Pics can be seen at:

Off to the Winds in Wyo. this weekend for four
glorious days...


The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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