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[cdt-l] CDT maps...

We are using them right now on trail, so is another hiker we spent about a
month with. High quality paper makes a huge difference, forget about water
proofing... we typically fold the maps in 8ths and keep them in the
pocket. If it rains it goes in a plastic bag. JLs maps are the best thing
going as far as I am concerned, although I have been keeping some notes to
help him update as I am sure other hikers are too. Thanks again Jonathan,
also cant wait to get to Leadore.... :) (just a little behind right now,
only one week away)....

On Thu, 21 Aug 2003, Jonathan Ley wrote:

> A few different people have told me that they had the maps printed... But I can't remember all the details about how much, etc etc etc...
> I would suggest that in order to cut-down on the price a bit, you might consider dropping the "waterproof paper" requirement. You'll generally be going through 2 maps a day on a thru-hike, so they don't need to be ultra durable. If it is raining (or if you sweat excessively!), a ziploc bag works great. I've found that high-resolution paper holds ink fairly well & is cheaper than fully waterproof paper.
> Another option might be to borrow/rent/hire a newer color laser printer... I see that some of these go up to like 600dpi now. I don't know "really" how crisp they are, but it might be worth a shot - it'd probably be a lot faster & the ink wouldn't bleed nearly as much when wet.
> I am planning an update for 2004, it'll probably be ready in Jan/Feb 2004. Some things I'm planning include:
> - Including any feedback from 2003 hikers (though I know of nobody who's promised to do this extensively like a couple hikers did in 2002)
> - Mapping more alternative routes - like the guide book routes in NM, the anaconda cutoff, Creede cutoff, Centenial Mtns, and a couple other small ones (like just south of Rawlins, etc)
> - Adding GPS info - should be interesting stuff!
> I don't think the 2004 version will make the 2003 version "totally obsolete" or anything... I think most of the changes will be "new maps". 
> Anyway, it's nice to see that "people are talking" again! As for me? I'm going hiking! Canadian Rockies next week! (In risk of being totally off-topic (though it IS the continental divide... well, they call it the "great divide"), anyone have a favorite Canadian rockies locale that I shouldn't miss?... 
> -Jonathan
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