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[cdt-l] CDT maps...

I love the Canadian Rockies, I lived in Calgary for a number of years.
Kananaskis country is very beautiful and quieter than Banaff.   I'm not sure how far north the Great Divide trail goes.
The single most picturesque place is of course Lake Louise.
good luck

Jonathan Ley <jonathan@phlumf.com> wrote:
A few different people have told me that they had the maps printed... But I can't remember all the details about how much, etc etc etc...

I would suggest that in order to cut-down on the price a bit, you might consider dropping the "waterproof paper" requirement. You'll generally be going through 2 maps a day on a thru-hike, so they don't need to be ultra durable. If it is raining (or if you sweat excessively!), a ziploc bag works great. I've found that high-resolution paper holds ink fairly well & is cheaper than fully waterproof paper.

Another option might be to borrow/rent/hire a newer color laser printer... I see that some of these go up to like 600dpi now. I don't know "really" how crisp they are, but it might be worth a shot - it'd probably be a lot faster & the ink wouldn't bleed nearly as much when wet.

I am planning an update for 2004, it'll probably be ready in Jan/Feb 2004. Some things I'm planning include:
- Including any feedback from 2003 hikers (though I know of nobody who's promised to do this extensively like a couple hikers did in 2002)
- Mapping more alternative routes - like the guide book routes in NM, the anaconda cutoff, Creede cutoff, Centenial Mtns, and a couple other small ones (like just south of Rawlins, etc)
- Adding GPS info - should be interesting stuff!

I don't think the 2004 version will make the 2003 version "totally obsolete" or anything... I think most of the changes will be "new maps". 

Anyway, it's nice to see that "people are talking" again! As for me? I'm going hiking! Canadian Rockies next week! (In risk of being totally off-topic (though it IS the continental divide... well, they call it the "great divide"), anyone have a favorite Canadian rockies locale that I shouldn't miss?... 

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