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[cdt-l] Printing Maps

dude, a bit of sarcasm here, but have you thought about having all 351 maps 
printed in order on a tyvek tarp that you use as your ground cloth?  wow!  
talk about dual purposes.  you'd just have to ensure that the day's map 
appeared on the out side when you folded up the tarp in the AM.

i really must get back to work...  (i'm smiling on the inside).

>From: "John Brennan" <john@frozenpoodle.com>
>Reply-To: cdt-l@backcountry.net
>To: <cdt-l@mailman.backcountry.net>
>Subject: [cdt-l] Printing Maps
>Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 11:13:06 -0700
>Has anyone looked into commercial printing of Jonathan Ley's digital CDT
>Rather than each of us printing out the maps on expensive waterproof paper,
>I'm thinking it would be cheaper to have it done.
>One printer declined, another's working on a quote.
>Here's what I'm looking for: waterproof paper that's foldable (no
>lamination), color, two-sided, 8.5 x 11, waterproof, loose, cheap.  I'm
>thinking that it will be an inkjet job on rolls of special paper. Anything
>else I should be looking for?
>Anyone know the pros and cons of inkjet printing on Tyvek, and then hiking
>with them?
>Anyone know a printer that would be up for the job? I'm using these numbers
>for quotes: 15 sets of 351 maps.
>John Brennan
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