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[cdt-l] What a mess

This much-discussed YahooGroup that I innocently created was borne out of a
need for me and another hiker to share my research on having Jonathan Ley's
digital CDT maps printed in a cost-effective, efficient way.  

Then the idea of an online resource came up.  Since I know YahooGroups,
that's what I chose.  They don't seem to go out of business like the other

I'm not really sure I needed permission to start the group. Plus, there's
always the motto, "Do, then apologize."

I did not post Jim and Ginny's summaries of their research, although I have
them on my hard drive.  Someone else put them up there.

I'm really glad some of Jim's emphatic discussion has gone on.  For me it
has brought home the huge amount of work I still have to do.

I'm going to add a big disclaimer to the header of the YahooGroup thanks to
this dicussion.  I think it belongs there and thanks for it pointing out

And I'll start posting some questions.

John Brennan