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[cdt-l] CT/CDT Trek Report

Hi All,

I won't belabor this "report."  I mostly just wanted
to say that I have just returned from a very pleasant
long hike on the CT/CDT.

I met one lone CDT hiker named Cathy, who was flipping
around to try to hike each CDT section in the best
season.  Met lots of CT hikers, but only that one
CDT-er.  Cathy was hiking northbound when I met her in
Cochepeta Park south of North Pass.  

A lot of the creek beds and "usually dry" drainages
had water in them.

Weather was stormy; very wet year for southern
Colorado, which I'm sure makes them happy.  I did luck
out with sunny days walking in the La Garita
wilderness above treeline.  For 20+ miles over two
days I saw NO ONE and had NO RAIN!  And I camped above
12,500 ft with the most awesome views.  Really spoiled
me.  On my last day out (8/16), it was snowing all
through the San Juans.

For those who like to keep notes on the CT (not on the
CDT), the Molas Lake campground, a private facility at
Molas Pass, does NOT have (as the CT guidebook lists)
a public phone or cold beer or showers or food (they
DO have a privy, $14 campsites, a coke machine and
limited snacks).  Nice people there, but a bit
dissapointing to arrive and have my expectations

Great trip, great mountains, nice people everywhere I
went.  Now, I just have to land a job in Durango.  


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