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[cdt-l] re: CDT Yahoo group

Safe to say, Jim's always a wee bit nervous when the flames of the campfire
start spreading a bit. Personally having a wide range of information on the
CDT in one or more accessible places isn't a problem for me. If we can
survive with major differences between the different published guidebooks,
maps and personal observations about the same stretch of trail, we'll
probably survive this just as well.

Look at it as kind of echoing in the very undefined nature of the existing
CDT. A little trail/information here a little trail/information there and
Lord knows where's the rest.

I would like to see people notifying the original authors prior to
publishing the files. That way the authors have the option of declining to
have it posted or possibly correcting it with current data.

I noticed that the only information currently provided is two of Jim's old
re-supply posts and a pointer to my re-supply mailing label page. Not that I
have a problem since it's also linked by CDTS's website. I believe mine is
fairly up today, at least it worked for those Post Offices that I visited
this summer. Anyone finding a correction should notify me.

-- Fallingwater