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[cdt-l] re: CDT Yahoo group

> nearly always at least a 
> year old - and can (and does) change on a daily
> basis.

Your point being? Again, how is this different from
other web sites?
> >It is not to replace this list, I just look it as
> an additional resource.
> using it will ask questions here about the
> "deposited" files.  And they 

As opposed to other web sites?

> until it's too late.  After all - John didn't ask,
> did he?   Nor did you, my 
> friend.

To be honest Jim, I've had other things to do right
this week besides checking CDT files. :-)  As the
summer winds down, I will be checking more CDT info.
> checked and crosschecked BY YOU - or you're gonna
> find yourself wondering 

Er..didn't we say that?

> check and crosscheck ALL the details, that's cool.

Er..did anyone say anything different?
> But who's gonna tell 
> that to those who wander through Yahoo and stumble
> on the information and

As you said so eloquently Jim, this ain't the AT or
the PCT. If a hiker is stupid enough to take four year
old info as gospel at this point then it is their own
damn fault. I would hope they would be a bit more
experienced by this point in time. If not? Well, that
is their choice.  I would hope people realize that
this hike is not a paint by numbers hike...

-snip out of many of Jim's problems-

-snip about my home area-

Jim, we are making a mtn out ofa mole hill not because
of the problems peope face. You ain't getting it quite

I hardly think one little ole site, with some info
(that is a work in progress) is going to make or break
a hike. I would think anyone who attempts the CDT
would be a bit more experienced at this point than to
need a paint-by-numbers-hike. 

Again, in summary.

Mr. Brennan's web site is just another web site. Where
are your comments on other web sites? Hell, even the
CDTA/CDTS sites have out of date info on their site.
Sheesh..we wasted too much bandwidth already on this

It is only August Jim. I am sure come fall we will
have questions to ask. I've just been too busy with
other things.... Anyway, people have done the CDT long
before CDT-L, long before there were blue and white
trail symblols, long before there was the internet.
And you know what? They did it. 'sides Momma Mags
raised a rather resourceful son... ;-)

In any case, I've said more than enough on that
subject. I'm off to do a training run. Have a marathon
to run in 5 weeks. Yet another reason why I haven't
posted CDT questions. :-)

See ya in October Jim...


The true harvest of my life is intangible.... a little stardust caught, a portion of the rainbow I have clutched

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