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[cdt-l] re: CDT Yahoo group

I really wish there was a single volume trail guide (even if it was 500 pages) for the entire CDT that was updated as of today( or actually updated for the day before I start).
But, alas, there is no such book nor could there be with the even changing nature of the CDT.
Therefore I'm indebted to all those past hiking who have volunteered to put so much information in journals, web pages, and the CDT-List.  to mention a few: Jonathan Ley, Rainmaker, CDT Society, Fallingwater, Jim and Ginny, Troubadour, Charlotte, and many others whose web sites and posting I have read..
Do I realize that much of the hard information is out-dated? - yes, of course.
Will my experience be the same as those in prior years? most likely not.
But the old info serves as a place to start planning and thinking.
Trying to find  information on the CDT in one central place seem impossible,  I'm not sure on how Yahoo Group's data is going to work - we have realitively a small group, but why not give it a shot.  I do like the idea of puting in any information that I find  and others doing the same.
There probably is some duplication of info, but I can live with that for now.  
computers just keep evolving.
I wonder how people ever planned for such a trip before the CDT List- did people actually write letter's back and forth?
just my opinion

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