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planning caveat emptor... Re: [cdt-l] re: CDT Yahoo group

Senor Toe wrote:
>--- Jim and/or Ginny Owen <spiriteagle99@hotmail.com> wrote:
> > >Basically, Jim, we are making a mountain out of a molehill.
> >
> > Lessee here - if your maildrop (or boots - or meds - or money)
> >  goes to the wrong town in the wrong state - how fast does
>that molehill become a mountain when you're on the trail - and
>you don't know where the hell it went?
>### Jim, you hiked the CDT, right? D'you have all the latest
>most absolutely flawless data? No? D'ya have to ad.lib. a bit? A
>few times? Things hikers do. You won't be the last.
>NO information is going to be perfect for planning->execution;
>anyone expecting that will not be on the CDT.

Toey -
Let me try to boil this down to the bare essentials -

1.  We were still collecting information about the trail the day before we 
flew to Montana to start hiking.

2. We still had "incorrect" information.  That IS and will continue to be a 
constant for anyone who hikes this trail for the forseeable future.

3. When we got back we wrote about what we saw and experienced.  The files 
that John put on the Yahoo site include - a/ what we wrote about 
towns/services on the trail and b/ a planning program based on what "we"  
generated and put on the CDTS website before we left.

4. The "towns/services" information is infinitely variable - and is 3 years 
out of date.

5. So is the "planning program."

6.  When we start planning for our next CDT hike (next year), we will use 
those same files as a "baseline" for our planning.

the town names - and we probably won't even use some of those town stops 
anyway.  As far as we're concerned - Zip codes, groceries, gear shops, 
hostels, post office hours and policies, USFS and BLM  and NPS policies and 
procedures, trail routes and mileages, maps --- and an infinite list of 
other items ---- ALL have to be detailed checked by phone, letter, email, 
whatever.  Otherwise we'll have set ourselves up for another "adventure".  
And "adventures" are dirty, nasty things that make you late for dinner.  
Personally, I much prefer the alternative definition - "someone else being 
miserable someplace far away from me."

Bottom line - we wrote the information, we experienced it - and we don't 
trust it.  Why should you?

Hey - it's all HYOH.  But if the author of the information tells you that 
you need to be doing an assholes-over-elbows search to confirm every single 
data point of the information that he wrote - what's the argument here?  

I'm just trying to do y'all a favor.  But frankly, I'm running out of time, 
so - as the man says - HYOH.  We'll be here if y'all have questions.  I'll 
nearly always make time for that.

Walk softly,

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