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[cdt-l] Re: CDT Yahoo group

Courtesy Sloetoe <sloetoe@yahoo.com>

> Problem is, Mags, that the resource isn't attached to this list - and 
> so there's little chance that many, if not most, of those those who end 
> up using it will ask questions here about the "deposited" files.  And 
> they therefore will not discover the errors in the information they're 
> using until it's too late.

Hey! I have an idea! Can't the Web page be a primary resource via 
inviting hiker-friendly stores and trail angels to place their 
almost-commercial-type "ads" on the page? I sorta do this kind of thing, 
in my blog (see below). 'Cept I do the text and the "art work" (hee hee) 
myself - "moderator reviewed", and no singing commercials!

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