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[cdt-l] New Yahoo Group called CDT Plan

I set up a Yahoo Group for those of us planning a CDT thru-hike.  It's less
of an email list and more of a data repository.  If you are ready to join,
go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cdtplan/.  If you need more convincing,
read on.

While most of us know YahooGroups as a place that gives us too much email,
having a group does have other uses. There's a calendar, place for links,
and a place for files, photos and other data. If people input (and keep
current) their proposed start dates (and direction of travel), we can look
through and hook up with others. I'm doing research on having Jonathan Ley's
CDT maps printed.  I'll keep the info there for future hikers. I have a list
of sources for (all?) the BLM and Forest Service maps.  That will be in the
Files section. 

What do you want to contribute?  What research do you want to share?  What
are some great links on the Web that CDTer might be interested in?

Convinced?  Got to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cdtplan/ and sign up.  Tell
other CDT hikers too.

John B./Cupcake 
CDT 2004