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[cdt-l] real live gear questions: camera/flashlight/batteries

This is a reposting of a query sent to cdt-l a fortnight ago.
Basically, I am considering two digital cameras that differ most
markedly with respect to their batteries.

Choice 1:
Canon Digital Elph (2 or 3 meg) uses a proprietary-shaped
rechargable, which thus would require an outlet, OR a solar
-charger. Otherwise, the camera looks like a very good choice.

Choice 2:
Sony Cybershot DSC-U20 -- VERY compact, uses two rechargeable
AAA batteries -- SOME claim could use regular AAA, alkaline AAA,
or lithium AAA in a pinch, although SONY says stay with their
rechargeable. Not as full-featured a camera as the Canon, but
about as big as a large pack of gum. YOW.

But the difference is basically in batteries.
-- Have you experience with either of these cameras?
-- Have you experience in securing battery power with these
cameras whilst backpacking? What did you do?
-- Have you experience in securing battery power with these
cameras while backpacking the cdt? What did you do?
-- What would you recommend?
-- Any experience with a solar charger?
-- If I enjoyed my (AAA-consuming) Petzl Tikka, should I go with
the SONY? SONY and solar charger?

Thanks for help!

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