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[cdt-l] real live gear questions: water...

Maybe I should just go to Sly and put it out to him:
As a fellow "treat your water with ... respect" non-filtering
non-worrying Appalachian Trail hiker (and to any other
knowledgeable AT+CDT person who cares to answer), what did you
do for water on the CDT?

-- Did you filter? Aqua-Mira?
-- How often did you *not* drink straight?
-- At the '01 Gathering (and I think you were there in the room,
Sly), a quintet of hikers presented slides on the Colorado Trail
(just before Skeeter's like presentation). One of them observed
that he never wanted for a filter on the 485 mile trail.
   How robust do you think that observation is over time?
   How robust do you think that observation is over the entire
-- At the '02 PA Ruck, Jim/Ginny showed a slide of a cattle
sistern/trough, looking pretty fetid. I piped in "Sheesh! *I*
would filter that!" It got a laugh, but it was the truth, too.
Would my little bottle-housed filter (2.5oz filter element, in a
water bottle 2oz heavier than standard pop bottle, for a simple,
cheap {$10 filter, $15 bottle}, lightweight {4.5oz weight
penalty} solution) do the trick, or should I opt for something
more sturdy, in anticipation of heavier usage?

Spatior! Nitor! Nitor! Tempero!
   Pro Pondera Et Meliora.

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