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[cdt-l] real live gear questions: boots

In considering a Continental Divide situation:

5.5# size 12 Norwegian-welted leather-lined ol' fashioned
mountain boots, with ~800 miles. Soles good, outer good, lining
fair. Guess is about ~1000 miles of regular trail left in
original soles, perhaps ~2500 miles left in uppers.

I carry between ~12.0# to ~55.0# of pack weight, so the average
would be sitting around ~30.0-35.0#. (Translated, this means
although I am a trail runner, I do not tend to backpack in
anything other than my 'hotels for the feet' as described
above.) CDT treadway (the cdt) is dry gravel/dirt and cobble.

I will need to replace boot soles while ontrail were I to
throughhike the cdt with these boots. (ASSUMING an available
cobbler (and prepurchased soles handily available).)

1) Should I start with fresh boots at the start? (I am talking
Limmer Standards or Limmer Lightweights -- 4.25 or 3.5 pounds
for the average pair.)

2) Anybody with experience in replacing boot soles whilst on the

3) Anyone start with similar boots and have a story to tell?

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