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[cdt-l] real live gear questions: sleeping bags

The situation for a Continental Divide hike:
a 3.25# 800ci down bag rated to 0*F in nearly new condition.
a 2.75# PG synthetic bag rated to 20*F with 500+ miles on it --
e.g., some loss of loft. Since I've had it out down into single
digits, I'd put the bag "good to 25*F" right now.
a 1.5# Fleece bag good to 60*F alone.
a 1.5# bivy sac
a 1.0# silnylon tarp
I plan on using the bivy alone early/late, and am considering
possibly the siltarp alone (with some tyvec groundsheet) in

a $190 2.25#, 25*F Kelty "Quasar" with 750ci fill and a W/B
shell, (instead of it's usual $230)

The alternatives are mummies from Western Mtn'ring, in
decreasing order of preference:
a) $230 1.00# 40*F "Highlite"
b) $220 1.50# 38*F "Iroquois"
c) $295 1.50# 30*F "Megalite"
d) $310 1.75# 25*F "Ultralite

The play so far:
1) I won't want to use the 0*F 3.25# bag for an entire cdt trip.
2) I can cut a good 16-20oz of dead weight by *not* taking the
PG bag, which has lost a material amount of loft. {Or is the
window of use so short that this bag would do fine, and I could
put the mullah into food?}
3) The fleece bag and a bivy will not cut even "summer" temps at
8,000-10,000'. {This seems pretty easy; I mean I *am*
4) The 40*F 1.00# WM'Highlite' would take over nicely when the
O*F bag got too hot. {But isn't that an awefully big jump to go
from a 0*F bag to a 40*F bag? Yow!}

4Alt.) The 25*F 2.25# Kelty would *not* be overkill (even) in
summer at altitude, and its W/B shell would allow ditching the
1.5# bivy sac in favor of a bit of tyvec, bug netting and a
1.00# siltarp. {Did we just net back to 1.5#? And I'd rather not
sleep "under" anything if I can help it...}

If I'm putting this together correctly, in summer form {and how
long is that good for, again?}, the straw man is:

$230 1.00# 40*F WM Highlite
     1.50# 10*F bivy
$230 2.50# 30*F WM-H,bv w/o clothing

or   1.00# 40*F WM Highlite    $190 2.25# 25*F Kelty
     1.25#  5*F siltarp w/tyvec     1.25#  5*F siltarp w/tyvec
     --------------------------     --------------------------
$230 2.25# 35*F WM-Htarp       $190 3.50# 30*F K,tarpw/o clthg

Current Thinking:
Hmmmmm. Doesn't seem like much of a choice. The $40 difference
is negligible over a hike of almost *any* length (once the boot
hits the trail), but does that 1.25# margin afford so much more
weatherproofness? And I don't *want* to be under a tarp!....

Yet, if my {40*F bag is ok} assumption is incorrect, and I need
to go to a 30, 25, or 20 degree bag, then this easy answer is
nuked. Going back to the $310 1.75# 25*F WM Ultralite, we'd have

$310 1.75# 25*F WM Ultralite
     1.50# 10*F bivy
$310 3.25# 15*F WM-U,Bv

$310 1.75# 25*F WM Ultralite   $190 2.25# 25*F Kelty Quasar
     1.25#  5*F siltarp/tyvec/bug   1.25#  5*Fsiltarp/tyvec/bug
----------------------------   ----------------------------
$310 3.00# 20*F WM-U,tarp      $190 3.50# 20*F tarp *W/B* bag

So if I *need* a 25*F bag, for a time sufficient to not "get by"
with the 2.75# PG bag I have, is the $120/0.5# difference in
going with the WM Ultralite worth the loss in weatherproofness
afforded by the lesser priced, W/B Kelty bag?

Seems hard to beat the straw man (WM "Highlite" with bivy) --
even with a $190 bag -- as long as the 40*F vs. 25*F assumptions
really hold.

$230 2.50# 30*F WM-H,bv        w/o clothing
$310 3.00# 20*F WM-U,tarp      w/o clothing
$190 3.50# 20*F tarp *W/B* bag w/o clothing
oh, and
$000 4.25# 15*F PG bag/bivy    w/o clothing

How'd I do?
Is the window that I would *not* want a O*F bag worth getting a
new bag?
Is a 40*F bag + 10*F bivy sufficient for extended use at
Is a 25*F W/B bag worth the 0.5# weight penalty?
What did I forget?

Spatior! Nitor! Nitor! Tempero!
   Pro Pondera Et Meliora.

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