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[cdt-l] Guidebooks

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Just a note that we will be away and unable to respond to requests or orders
from May 1 to May 15. If you were planning to obtain guidebooks, etc. and
have a tight schedule, please let us know right away. The quickest way is to
place an order electronically (and send funds by PayPal) as explained on the
Order Page at www.cdtsociety.org

Also, we invite this year's hikers to be on the lookout for any needed
guidebook changes (either to correct errors or ambiguities or reflect
relocations) -- some places in particular are Beaver Lake [Bob Marshall
Wilderness Segment], Valley of the Moon [Scapegoat Wilderness Segment],
Gibbons Pass to Chief Joseph Pass [Anaconda-Pintler Wildeness Segment,
including new construction], Chief Joseph Pass to Big Hole Pass [new
relocations in Big Hole Segment]. We can suggest others if you are

Jim Wolf