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[cdt-l] Transportation From Chama to Rawlins

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In a message dated 4/22/2003 11:01:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time,
williamschoenberg@hotmail.com writes:

> Hello Everyone, Tom and I were considering our options for skipping Colorado
> should early season passage become too difficult during our northbound
> hike.
> Can someone elaborate on transportation from Chama to Rawlins? We know we
> can ride on Greyhound to Rawlins from Durango, Santa Fe, and Alamosa, but
> we
> have'nt found an easy way to get to these places from Chama. Any ideas?

It were me, I'd find out the snow conditions in Cuba for CO and if it were a
no go, I'd buy an advanced bus ticket in Cuba, at the depot there, from
Antonito to Rawlins and hitch to Antonito from Cumbres Pass.  With this
scenerio, I'd never see Chama unless I road walked there on the official
route and that would never happen.

Assuming that you're taking the CDTS route, you could also wait until you
reached Cumbres Pass to make a determination. If it's a go, you hitch to
Chama to resupply.  If it's a no go, you hitch to Antonito and grab the bus,
but you'd end up paying alot more for your fare.