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[cdt-l] Best regards to ya'll from Grants, NM, still walkin'...

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Hey ya'll !I've reached Grants yesterday and everything is going on just gr=
eat!Someone shouldv'e written that the "acoma zuni" trail was a foot breake=
r though...Other than that everythin is just fine.I'm getting along pretty =
well with two sets of maps - the Jhonathan lay set ( thank's man, theyr'e g=
reat so far ) and I'm getting myself the forest service maps along the way.=
I'm carrying wolf's books too but haven't used them a lot so far since the =
maps work so great.The other set was unnecessery, you were right.Anyway, I'=
ll probably be at Cuba NM by next saturday, and would love for some extra c=
ompany, if anyone wants in youre more than welcome !!!Take care ya'll and t=
hanks for any tips anyone has given so far.shachaf

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