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[cdt-l] RE: Aldous Lake TH

>wondering if anyone is familiar with the Aldous Lake TH area in MT.
> I'm  thinking of spotting a car there and go back to Yellowstone and
hike >north to finish there this summer.

We hiked by that TH last summer and there were a couple cars parked
there.  Leaving a car in a remote spot like that is a gamble.  From the
size (width) of the almost-boardwalk trail from the TH to Aldous Lake it
is obvious there is a lot of use there. Is that good or bad for leaving
a car at the end of a road like that?  No predicting...

As habitual section hikers, we tend to seek out a place where there is a
Chief of Police and get permission to park right next to the Police
Station. In that region, we twice parked our truck at the Ranger Station
at Old Faithful, where many others were parked and long term parking was
not a problem. I would think Macks Inn would be an OK place to make
arrangements.  Much depends on just how long you'll be leaving your
car... days, weeks, months?  Anyone coming to a remote TH several times
and seeing the same car parked there might be tempted to "check it out."

Another factor is wildlife - from bears to squirrels to mice.  Even
where we live in a rural setting, we have mice eating wires and
squirrels building nests in stored cars while we're off hiking.  And it
can happen almost overnight!  We were talking about it yesterday...
maybe the warmth of the engine block is an attraction on a cool night.
As to bears, well, you know the usual warnings.

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> I imagine the snow levels in the Winds will be high, too, about now
> may
> cause some high river water in July.  I"m thinking of the Buffalo and
> rivers north of Hwy-287 Brooks lake in WY.
> also wondering if anyone is familar with the Aldous Lake TH area in
> I'm
> thinking of spotting a car there and go back to Yellowstone and hike
> to finish there this summer.
> I'm rather excited- no thru hike but if all goes well I should be able
> cover the CDt between Big Sandy and Aldous Lake in MT.
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