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[cdt-l] Great Divide Basin Resupply

Hello fellow CDT aficionados,

My name is William Schoenberg, and I would like to introduce myself to the
CDT list. My hiking partner, Tom Conover, and I are hiking northbound from
the Antelope Wells trailhead this season. On May 2, we will fly from
Berkeley to El Paso, where we will meet with Joel Gilbert. Joel has
graciously agreed to drive us to the remote New Mexico trailhead, where we
will begin our attempt to reach Canada. Tom and I would like to thank all
those on the list who have helped us with the planning of this adventure. We
could not have started without you. A special thanks to the CDTA, CDTS, Jim
Wolf, Jim and Ginny Owens, Jonathan Ley, Larry and Ann McDuff, Joel Gilbert,
and many others who have helped with our planning. Both Tom and I are
grateful to have the opportunity to draw from such rich and diverse
resources. Last Saturday, Tom flew in from St Petersburg, Florida to visit
my cramped apartment in California so we could iron out the last minute
details before hooking up with Joel in El Paso. Things are coming together
surprisingly well. Soon we will be at the border, facing north, with the
desire, will, resources, and hope to reach Waterton.

We were wondering if someone could elaborate on using Bairoil/Muddy Gap as a
resupply  stop midway through the Great Divide Great Basin Red Desert. A
stop here could potentially ease the effort of the 130 mile leg between
Rawlins and South Pass City.

Thanks again, Bill.