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[cdt-l] Re:Tierra Amarilla

>The Carson National Forest is not within the Tierra Amarilla Grant. So
there is no need to use >legal maneuvering to gain access to trails within
the TA.


I apologize if I jumped the gun, but I was under the impression that the
ownership of much of the Carson National Forest remains in dispute as it was
once held in common by the town of Tierra Amarilla as a part of the original
TA Land Grant. I also assumed, perhaps wrongly it now appears, that the
legal opinion you offered here (and also the CDTA's  mention of possible
future legal action) related to these historic title issues within the CNF.

The history of this land is fascinating.  This is the one area in the whole
of the Rocky Mountains where the dream of conquest, of Manifest Destiny,
fell short. I for one love it for that. Revere it, even, for its refusal to
submit to the pressures of Anglo-America. When we get the CDT back on the
trail in these disputed areas,  I hope it as the result of the good effects
of such an appreciation and humility.