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[cdt-l] map's gone

Hi again,

The map's spoken for.  Thanks again Sly, for your response.  Glad to hear
you can drink the Gila.  :)

Anyone have any info on that Wyoming section I asked about (meeting up with
new hikers near Togwotee Pass)?

Have a good weekend all, and happy hiking,

>We are ending our hike in Yellowstone, and friends are planning to join us
>for the last week or slightly less into the park.  Does anyone have
>suggestions for where to meet?  They would like to fly in and then figure
>out probably some combo of public transportation and hitching.  Looking at
>Ley and Delorme, it seems to me that a good spot to meet up would be along
>an alternate route marked on the Ley map, just west of Togwotee Pass, where
>Highway 26 and 287 end (the eastern terminus) and turn into Forest Road
>30050/Buffalo Valley Road.  This road stops at a campsite (according to
>Delorme) where I assume there will be a parking lot.  Is anyone familiar
>with this little stretch?  Anyone know anything about transportation there?
>And lastly, it seems that Dan and I have ordered two of the same maps, one
>of which is still on its way.  So we have an extra of the FS Mt. Taylor
>Ranger Distrinct Map (NM).  Once I get the extra, probably in a couple
>I'd be happy to send it out to anyone who wants it -- maybe a southbounder
>or someone planning for another year?  First to email me is welcome to the
>map, just send me your address and I'll mail it to you.
>Think that's it for now.  Thanks for all your help.  Happy hiking,
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