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[cdt-l] Re: Article in Albuquerque Journal about Trail funds

partial reply From the CDTS

 'We do not think there is any legal impediment to selecting a CDT route
through the Carson.'

partial reply from the CDTA

'Also, there is a congressional inquiry as to the legitimacy of their
claims, initiated by then
Congressman Richardson and present Congressman Tom Udall.'

The idea of using such means (legal maneuvering by the US Government) to
gain access to trails within the TA is abhorrent to me. I am strongly
opposed to any re-routing of the CDT if such routing does not have the full
consent of the Hispanic community. This thorny problem will not be resolved
through fiat, but can and should be resolved through leadership and
integrity. In my view a more enlightened and perhaps ultimately more
successful way to get back into the forest would be for the CDT's governing
bodies to proclaim solidarity with the regions traditional owners, even if
by doing this we forego the involvement of the US Forest Service and the
dollars intended for us in the region.  In fact, given the adversarial
relationship between the USFS and the TA Hispanics,  a satisfactory solution
would seem to indicate that we MUST consider sidestepping the USFS at some