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[cdt-l] a few more random questions (NM, WY)

Hi again folks,

Thanks for your earlier responses to my route and bearbagging questions --
Sly, we will certainly take into account the alternates you mentioned.  Now
I have some other random, fairly last minute (leaving in about a month for
the Cliff Dwellings) questions....

First,  in New Mexico:

I have been comparing the Jonathan Ley maps with the CDTS route, and find
some discrepancies (of course).  One that is particularly confusing, but
probably easily solvable once we get there, is the few miles just north of
the Cliff Dwellings -- it looks like there's an extra 6 miles or so on the
Ley maps before they correspond to the Wolf route, which is supposed to
start  (well, end, I'm reading Wolf backwards as we're going Northbound) at
the parking lot of the Cliff Dwellings.  Am I just reading things wrong, or
have others noticed this?  Also, and this may be a dumb question, can we
drink (after filtering) the water in the Gila?  Wolf mentions springs and
such to the side, leading me to think, no.

And second, in Wyoming:

We are ending our hike in Yellowstone, and friends are planning to join us
for the last week or slightly less into the park.  Does anyone have
suggestions for where to meet?  They would like to fly in and then figure
out probably some combo of public transportation and hitching.  Looking at
Ley and Delorme, it seems to me that a good spot to meet up would be along
an alternate route marked on the Ley map, just west of Togwotee Pass, where
Highway 26 and 287 end (the eastern terminus) and turn into Forest Road
30050/Buffalo Valley Road.  This road stops at a campsite (according to
Delorme) where I assume there will be a parking lot.  Is anyone familiar
with this little stretch?  Anyone know anything about transportation there?

And lastly, it seems that Dan and I have ordered two of the same maps, one
of which is still on its way.  So we have an extra of the FS Mt. Taylor
Ranger Distrinct Map (NM).  Once I get the extra, probably in a couple days,
I'd be happy to send it out to anyone who wants it -- maybe a southbounder
or someone planning for another year?  First to email me is welcome to the
map, just send me your address and I'll mail it to you.

Think that's it for now.  Thanks for all your help.  Happy hiking,

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