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[cdt-l] cow dung trail/killer cows.

> Nick Williams, who went through in (I think) 1999, said, at the end of his
> hike, Now I know what CDT stands for.  It's "Cow Dung Trail."

Two friends and I hiked throught the Weminuche this summer - Spring Creek
Pass to Wolf Creek Pass.  Hiking up the West Fork of Pole Creek up toward
the pass that looks across the cirque to Canby Mtn, the trail crossed the
creek in some brush - not very thick.  There were cows grazing, and they
bolted as I walked through them.  There were a couple big balled, long
horned bulls that looked at me with dripping jowls and widened eyes.  A
little spooky.

My two friends came through 20 minutes later and Susan made Dave chase the
cows away because they looked so threatening.  She doesn't even like the
memory of those "killer cows."

As an aside, almost every cirque or meadow off the divide has cows in it.
So much for rocky mountain spring water...

Jeff Olson
Laramie Wyoming