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[cdt-l] NM Trails

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Jonathan Ley wrote:

I would imagine that nothing gets funding unless somebody champions the
cause (lobbies for it). I'm probably as guilty as most for not donating
more time & money to the cause (i.e. to the CDTA or CDTS). Hopefully, as
time progresses & more people are aware of the CDT, and more people hike
more of it, etc. There will be more people out there to put forth the
effort. I'd be curious if Jim Wolf has anything to add to this
discussion - Jim?

The CDT is getting substantial appropriations as part of the Forest Service
budget. (Lobbying for appropriations is coordinated by the Partnership for
the National Trails System, of which both CDTS and CDTA are members -- though
we have not ourselves been active players in the lobbying program.) As to the
Carson NF, we continue to follow this closely. Last time we checked they were
doing a study to examine the feasibility of an alternate route. We expect
they will come up with a scoping announcement before too long. We have
indicated that we will keep an open mind, but we are highly dubious that they
will find any route that is better than the one through the Forest. We do not
think there is any legal impediment to selecting a CDT route through the
Carson.  And, yes, CDTS would welcome additional support - financial,
feedback on routes and guidebooks, letter writing regarding Forest Service
and BLM proposals, etc.