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[cdt-l] Article in Albuquerque Journal about Trail funds

When I was hiking in 2001, I read an article about a county commissioner
near the Carson National Forest who was opposed to officially
designating the CDT through the Carson NF. He argued that the Carson NF
was illegal based on agreements that pre-dated the Mexican-American war.
I think he saw an official CDT as an obstacle to getting the Carson NF
dismantled. (Plus, there was some issue about hikers disturbing
cattle... yes, my eyes are rolling) Maybe this has something to do with
the funding issue (at least in that area) - how can you fund a trail
that hasn't been officially designated?

Does anyone know if there has been progress on this story?

I would imagine that nothing gets funding unless somebody champions the
cause (lobbies for it). I'm probably as guilty as most for not donating
more time & money to the cause (i.e. to the CDTA or CDTS). Hopefully, as
time progresses & more people are aware of the CDT, and more people hike
more of it, etc. There will be more people out there to put forth the
effort. I'd be curious if Jim Wolf has anything to add to this
discussion - Jim?


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In todays Albuquerque Journal there is an article on Page 4 of the
North section about Santa Fe County recieving a grant of  $151,352 to
trails in the county. The funding is from the Department of
Also the office of Sen. Pete Domenici announced $428,111 in grant funds
federally designated scenic byways in Northern New Mexico. This includes
Jemez Mountain Trail, the historic route 66 and others. I am wondering
why the
CDT is not part of this grant money and if its possible for the CDT to
money from these federal sources. Does anyone know?