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[cdt-l] iodine treatment

The amount of vitamin C needed to neutralize the iodine is so small that I
wouldn't buy the kit. We used 1 (one) vitamin C tablet for over 1 weeks
worth of water for 2 people. The vitamin C also removed the iodine color.

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> You can by kits of Iodine tablets and ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to do just
> what you are talking about. The ascorbic acid removes the red color as
> I have used it often and there is no after-taste.
> I use Coghlan's, it comes with one each small bottles of Iodine and
> acid. I am sure there are others. Check your local hunting/hiking store.
> Desert Rat (Bill)
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> >Since I never got a reply on using vitamin c to chemically react away
> >harmful iodine...  I asked one of my chemistry friends about vitamin c
> >iodine. He assured me that after questionable water is treated with
> >iodine, adding vitamin c will remove the excess iodine. This protects the
> >friendly beasties in your stomach from death due to oxidization by iodine
> >and will also increase your vitamin c intake if you add slightly more
> >vitamin c than iodine (or probably also if you add equal parts
> >sincesome of the iodine will have gone to oxidizing the bad stuff in
> >the water before you add the vitamin c). By adding the vitamin c, the
> >iodine oxidizes the vitamin c instead of the friends in your stomach. The
> >bi-products are nontoxic. The reaction is detailed here
> >http://www.chem.ubc.ca/courseware/123/tutorials/exp14A/
> >If you type in 'iodine vitamin c' into google you will see that using
> >iodine is one way to measure vitamin c contents in fruit juices.
> >JUST REMEMBER, you must wait for at least 20-30 minutes after treating
> >your water with iodine BEFORE you add the vitamin c, else the iodine will
> >oxidize the vit. c and not the ugly biota in the 'hoof print' water you
> >are so eager to drink.
> >and to all a good hike
> >J
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