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[cdt-l] iodine treatment

Since I never got a reply on using vitamin c to chemically react away
harmful iodine...  I asked one of my chemistry friends about vitamin c and
iodine. He assured me that after questionable water is treated with
iodine, adding vitamin c will remove the excess iodine. This protects the
friendly beasties in your stomach from death due to oxidization by iodine
and will also increase your vitamin c intake if you add slightly more
vitamin c than iodine (or probably also if you add equal parts
sincesome of the iodine will have gone to oxidizing the bad stuff in
the water before you add the vitamin c). By adding the vitamin c, the
iodine oxidizes the vitamin c instead of the friends in your stomach. The
bi-products are nontoxic. The reaction is detailed here
If you type in 'iodine vitamin c' into google you will see that using
iodine is one way to measure vitamin c contents in fruit juices.
JUST REMEMBER, you must wait for at least 20-30 minutes after treating
your water with iodine BEFORE you add the vitamin c, else the iodine will
oxidize the vit. c and not the ugly biota in the 'hoof print' water you
are so eager to drink.
and to all a good hike