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[cdt-l] first aid thought

yea, i use it all the time, well atleast when i camp and hike in the desert
or paddle in baja.  i have desk soft fingers and they take a real beating
doing camp chores in an arid environment.  i spend a month at a hot springs
in the desert every winter, where the combination of daily soaks and sharp
rocks etc. eventually cause my finger tips to crack and split open. it is
extremely painful. and especially because i like to play my guitar out there
under the open skies.

i use the New Skin brand and find it really useful.

but on a long hike, i am not sure that i would carry that little glass vial
that it comes packaged in.

>From: James McCreight <jimmcc@selway.umt.edu>
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>Subject: [cdt-l] first aid thought
>Date: Thu, 10 Apr 2003 22:09:42 -0600 (MDT)
>Has anyone tried this 'new' 'liquid band-aid' stuff? I just saw it on tv
>(i very rarely watch tv, so this may have been arround a while) a few
>weeks ago and thought it was a good idea that someone had redesigned
>superglue and was selling it for the purpose of closing up wounds. Just
>wondering if anyone has any experience whith this stuff or related
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