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[cdt-l] RE Where the Waters Divide

I had a similiar experience... Thinking like you that WTWD was just going to
be another windy travelogue I hit the book too fast and had to back up a
chapter or two after I realized how well written it was. I especially liked
the discussion about ranching and the evolution in their thinking about
ranching. They were smart people who allowed themselves to learn even more
along the way.  Caleb


It was surprisingly well written. I am used to adventure narratives
where the english is clumsy and the narrative rather pastel. What surprised
about this book is the amount of effort that went into historical research
background. Its not just a story about their trip on the CDT, but a story of
the land the CDT crosses.

There is allot of political commentary in the book and to some it will rub
them the wrong way. However, it mirrored my own experience with public
Her insight stems from miles and miles of observation into the heart of our
public lands.