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[cdt-l] first aid thought

I've been using superglue to close up cracked fingertips and other minor
wounds (and to kill a pesky wart) for years now.  Seems to work okay with
seriously impairing me... [tic]  Dunno about this new-fangled stuff.

On 03/4/10 22:09, "James McCreight" <jimmcc@selway.umt.edu> wrote:

> Has anyone tried this 'new' 'liquid band-aid' stuff? I just saw it on tv
> (i very rarely watch tv, so this may have been arround a while) a few
> weeks ago and thought it was a good idea that someone had redesigned
> superglue and was selling it for the purpose of closing up wounds. Just
> wondering if anyone has any experience whith this stuff or related
> knowledge.
> J
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