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[cdt-l] Trail Reconstruction - Big Hole Segment

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One trail project planned for this summer involves reconstruction of the
route in Big Hole Segment (Southern Montana), Section 3, between Big Swamp
Creek and Rock Island Lakes. We would appreciate it if this year's hikers
would make a note to identify any changes that should be made to the
guidebook description -- especially at the start (10.0) and between the
saddle (11.7) and Little Lake (13.6). Are there two creeks after you leave
the road? Will the route still continue "well east in order to skirt the base
of the moraine"? Are the elevation changes before and after the cabin still
accurate? Does the Trail still pass "Joe Phillips" name at 12.1? [GPS would
be helpful, but not essential.]

There are some other places that need to be checked out as well.  Let me know
if you would care to work on this.

Many thanks.

Jim Wolf