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[cdt-l] an amazing adios

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Sent: Wednesday, April 09, 2003 2:33 PM
Subject: [cdt-l] an amazing adios

> John Musielewicz wrote:
> >Do you ignore book burning too?
> No - only lying trolls.

Umm...before to get too full of yourself, in the outdoor world trail hikers
and backpackers are quite low on the pecking order...about equivilant to car
campers...so say SIR when you speak to me!!!:-)! Anyway there is so much
accurate info published on the Rocky Mountains and so many people hike there
one more claiming to have hiked it doesn't matter. The CDT is simply a
civilized road like the AT and PCT. It is no longer a special experience-
just something relaxing to do.

> >That would certainly more interesting than reading how interested shrills
> >are in betraying honest ecological studies simply because some corporate
> >carpetbagger offers them a few bucks to hike!!
> Shrills???  Watch out - we'll start to think you're related to the "mad
> typer" aka "failed Dave".

See above...stalker.

> But the real questions are - what studies? and when did NPCA become a
> "corporate carpetbagger"?  You're supposed to be smarter than that.

Oh please, I actually believe you believe what you are writing!! Grow up.
ALL established organizations are paid off by corporations to cover up for
damage they do. This is America where you can buy anything and anyone you
want and advertising convinces people what is being done is ok. The only
honest organization out there is Earth First. And it is simply since- as an
organization accused of terrorism people are afraid to be associated with
them. In communist America people accused of terrorism end up in the gulag
without a trial!!

> >Starting a little late aren't you? I started on the first and am posting
> >this from the trail using wireless!!
> If you're going to Canada, you should have paid more attention to snow
> levels.

Don't be silly.

> Let us know how you get through the South San Juans.
In the
> meantime, say hello to Michelle for us.

You have obviously mistaken me for someone else.

> Walk softly,
> Jim


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> business of hate, debauchery, and self-annihilation." -- Johnny Hart
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