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[cdt-l] Frogg Toggs

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In a message dated 4/10/2003 2:17:29 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
karen@sequence.stanford.edu writes:

> When your Frogg Toggs "did not hold up well", was this
> a gradual loss of waterproofness, or a catastrophic failure
> (such as abrasion from the pack, ripping from vegetation,
> seams giving out, etc.)  In other words, did you have a warning
> that you needed to replace them, or did they potentially leave
> you in a very vulnerable position (of having no protection when
> you might need it).
> I purchased Frogg Toggs just about a week ago (based upon the
> raves of a PCT '99 thru-hiker that I met) and haven't used
> them yet.  I can tolerate gradual loss of functionality, but don't
> want complete failure (on a place like the CDT).  I am wondering
> whether I want to keep them or not, having heard your
> comments.  Thanks.
> Karen Davis
> PCT '99
> (Sly, I leapfrogged with your group between about Big Bear
> City and Wrightwood).