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[cdt-l] Thanks for GPS advice

Hi, I just got a garmin because of the mapping capabilities. It seems
easier to use but is definately bulkier. Plus I am a novice at gps. I just
how it will get me out of jams. I also just spent $200 on rechargable
batteries and chargers....

On Wed, 9 Apr 2003, Angela W. Ballard wrote:

> Thanks everyone for the great GPS advice and info. If
> you think of anything else, I'm all ears (well, eyes
> in this case). We're hoping to pick a unit in the
> coming months and then take it out and practice with
> it this summer. Sly -- yup, that was us with the Nerf
> football, we carried it from Campo but didn't often
> have the energy to play with it. Ken and Marcia --
> good luck on the AT this summer! Sly are you off to do
> the AT too? If so best of luck to you. We're jealous.
> We're just starting our CDT planning and still aren't
> 100% sure that we'll be able to take all the necessary
> time off from "real life" or not. We can't start until
> July (due to Duffy's job) so we probably won't be able
> to finish the whole trail anyway, but we'll cover as
> much ground as we can. At that time of year, should we
> start in the north?
> -Angela
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